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ACP Buyers NBCC Project Construction Status

Please find below details of Admins handling the task of connecting ACP buyers in our buyers group. All such buyers of Centurian Park – Lowrise, Centurian Park – O2 Valley, Centurian Park – Terrace Home, Centurian Park – Tropical Garden can reach out to their admin to get added in live buyers group.

For Lowrise (Block C,D, and E)
Mr Amit Gupta 9899393951

For Terrace Homes (Tower A1-A5, B1-B8, and F1-F8
Mr. Ajay Bhan – 9999025040

For Tropical Garden (Tower F9, F10, F11, F12, F12A)
Mr. Ajay Bhan – 9999025040

For O2 Valley (Tower F15,F16,F17,F18)
Mr. Ajay Bhan – 9999025040
Mr. Abhessh – 9958690699

Construction Status of #ACPBuyers Project

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