Centurian Park Family

Amrapali Centurian Park Flat Buyers

Non Registered ACP Buyers

Dear Amrapali Centurian Park Buyers: This is to notify and inform you all, following home buyers are not registered in Customer Data on Court Receiver’s website. Therefore; it’s advised from group to immediately update your data (filling the form) viz-a-vis various information’s regarding payments and unit details which are mandatory for your Unit/Flat claim. DOWNLOAD LIST BELOW.

Advise to all non-registered home buyers: Immediately Register in Customer Data means; kindly open the data using above link or follow steps on http://centurionpark.in/?p=1064 & or login to your data using OTP from https://receiveramrapali.in/residential . Update the form and then you are done.

  1. Buyers not made any payments so far are advised to read the instruction on http://centurionpark.in/?p=1047 & deposit the funds as per their payment schedule mentioned in  NBCC Payment & Delivery Schedule for ACP – Centurian Park Family (centurionpark.in)
  2. As per last Supreme Court order, dated 13-Aug-2021 (can be uploaded from www.centurionpark.in ) those of buyers not registered in RECEIVER’S WEBSITE & NOT made any payment since judgement (i.e 23-Jul-2019) are given last 15 days to comply with order, else their booked units stands cancelled. Courts direction on page 23 (top paragraph). Courts direction for Home Buyers (default in registration and making payment) as mentioned by Ld. Receiver may read page 23 and subsequent pages. Number of such ACP Buyers are marked in RED COLOR in chart or Picture.

Alert for All ACP Home Buyers

  1. This is to inform the office of the receiver has received information that some persons claiming to be consultant and in the pretext of assisting home buyers for registration or otherwise are taking consultation fees. All this is without the authority or sanction of the Court Receiver. The receiver has not appointed any consultant other than the regular staff working under him. Amrapali Home Buyers are advised to be careful.
  2. बहुत सारे बॉयर्स ने अपना डिटेल्स कोर्ट रिसीवर के वेब साइट पे देख लिया और वो के सोच रहे है कि मेरा फ्लैट का डाटा अपडेट है और कुछ करने की जरूरत नही है, तो ऐसा कुछ नही है, उन्हें पहले OTP जेनेरेट करना होगा फिर अपना फ्लैट का डिटेल्स पेमेंट के साथ सबमिट करना महत्वपूर्ण है। अपने रिकॉर्ड के लिए सबमिट डिटेल्स करना अनिवार्य है औऱ ईमेल या पीडीएफ फ़ाइल रखना होगा। जिन्होंने ये नही किया है वे अतिशीघ्र करें।

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