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Pre Registration Transfer Advisory

आये दिन ब्रोकर प्रॉपर्टी एजेंट आम्रपाली के फ़्लैट बयार्स को शिफ़्टिंग का लॉलीपॉप देते थे यह कह कर की हम आपकी फँसी हुई प्रापर्टी लेंगे आप हमारे प्रोजेक्ट में इन्वेस्ट करें तो। बयर्स द्वारा सुझया गया तरीक़ा का नाम है “Pre-Registration Transfer” जिसपर कोर्ट ने हामी भर दिया. For more details read the order dated 21-Sep-2020 which can be downloaded from our SC orders page


(As released by Court Receiver) INTRODUCTORY NOTE IN THE CASE OF “PREREGISTRATION STAGE” TRANSFERS INTRODUCTORY NOTE: In terms of the order dated 21.09.2020 passed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court, further to mitigate the problems of certain Amrapali Home Buyers, it is, as per Committee approval, decided to allow the “pre-registration stage” transfers on a specific request made by the concerned Amrapali Home Buyers. It is decided by the Committee that the facility of such “pre-registration stage’’ transfers will not be available to the following categories of allottees of the Amrapali projects:-

(i) Vendors/ Contractors;
(ii) Investors;
(iii) Financiers;
(iv) Payment adjustments by way of JVs etc.
(v) Ex-Employees of Amrapali etc.

However, in all other cases of “pre-registration stage” transfers, owing to recoverable from Home Buyers and approving of a price lower than the cost of Unit in large number of cases by Amrapali, additional requirements of
indemnification from the transferor(s) and the transferee(s) is felt to be utmost important in order to recover the same in due course. It is thus decided to modify the requirement of certain documents/ papers in the course of allowing “pre-registration stage” transfers sought by the Home Buyers. The following requirements would be necessary while admitting any case of such preregistration transfers:-