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  • Create Date May 19, 2022
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Order dated 17-05-2022

  1. SC to hear all parties seeking disposal for 3 continues days in July 2022.
  2. Surekha Matter to be taken up on 11th July 2022 again
  3. Payment to Noida Authority @ Mahagun Land deal
  4. Princely FAR Sales – Separation of Land for FAR to be debated for courts approval
  5. Amrapali Centurian Park Convenient shops matter to be heard on 18th July 2022
  6. Order for clearance of encroachment from Meerut Cinema Hall to be handover to CR.
  7. Payment to UIT for Rs 4.82 Crs by June 2022 by CR
  8. Payment of various cost and expenses claimed by SBI Caps (SWAMIAH Funds) for about 4.96 Crs to be settled by CR which will be paid from Home Buyers kitty and current status of sanction by SBI Caps i.e 196/650 Crs
  9. Indemnity and Immunity (to be taken on 18th July)
    1. Of CR/his team along with SC appointed members and ASPIRE directors from civil/criminal arbitration on bank funding arrangement for ASPIRE
    2. Mortgage of title deeds to be recognised – as prayed by CR.
    3. Closer of arbitration (claims/appeals/complaints/obligations/petitions) in all forms
    4. Close of arbitration on financial obligation in all forms.
  10. Refund Buyers – Terms and Condition (**those of you seeking refund may read 2.1.3 very carefully**)
  11. Reply of Development Authority on convenient shopping of Amrapali Zodiac to be tabled serving a copy to petitioner (Joinder Singh), matter to be taken on 13th July 2022.